About Lost City Treks

We have been guiding treks and doing logistics for the last decade and have developed some ethics that are very important to us. Maintaining a positive, fair, and respectful relationship with the people who live in the remote places we visit is an absolute imperative. Perhaps it should go without saying that we take environmentalism very seriously as well and hope that what we do always has a positive effect on the fragile ecosystems we travel through. Lastly, we pride ourselves in providing well-planned, safe and efficient adventures at a reasonable cost while paying a fair wage to everyone we work with.

Gladys Jiménez

Gladys has been a professional trekking guide for more than a decade and has explored and climbed throughout Perú. She was born and raised in Yungay in the shadow of Peru's largest peak, Huascaran and speaks Spanish, English, and Quechua (an indigenous language of the Andean people). Gladys' multi-cultural background makes her an ideal bridge between traditional Andean culture and the modern western world. She is quite knowledgeable about Andean plants, interested in biology in general, and is also very active running, climbing, and biking in the Cordillera Blanca. She has also worked on several documentary films. Gladys guides the majority of our treks in all parts of Peru.

Jim Sykes

Jim first visited Perú on a climbing trip in 1990 and has been a full-time Peruvian resident since 2004. He was born in Illinois, spent the 90s climbing mountains and playing music in Seattle, and then (when the smoke had cleared) he found himself more-or-less settled in Huaraz with a pirate arts cinema (the legendary Huaraz Satyricon). Jim is an active musician, avid mountain runner, bird aficionado, occasional climber, and loves exploring archeological sites in the remote corners of Perú. Jim works mostly with the university groups and manages the website.