Study Abroad in Peru

Working with students of all ages is the most interesting, fulfilling, and important thing we do. Some options include:
• Exploring the incredible archeology in the Cusco region... Machu Picchu anyone?
• Experiencing deep culture and learning about sustainability doing a homestay in an Andean community in the Cordillera Blanca
• Investigating the huge biodiversity and birdlife on a trek through the high Andes or cloud forest
We know many places in Peru which have huge educational potential and look forward to building a program around your needs.

Exploring Cusco and its Surroundings

Cusco is the obvious destination for study abroad programs and other kinds of educational adventures. On these trips we visit the classic sites, local indigenous communities, explore Cusco's incredible natural surroundings, and we can combine this with a trek appropriate for the students. The educational element is up to you, but we can provide appropriate site-guides to compliment the instructor's and our own knowledge.

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Homestays in Ancash

The community of Vicos situated in the shadow of the Cordillera Blanca has a well-run homestay program where you can learn firsthand about Peruvian highland indigenous culture and its relative sustainability. This program has been an enlightening experience for everyone involved and has much potential for the future. We are also working on homestays in the Cusco region. Many of these type of projects have begun with a "volunteerism" mentality, but we firmly believe that Peruvian indigenous communities have much more to offer than they generally realize and we feel that turning the tables by asking them to educate us is inherently empowering and an altogether more valuable way to encounter one another.

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